helping brands to achieve

exponential growth

by leveraging human insights



I'm a senior Marketing Strategy Consultant with broad international experience.


I've a strong track record of generating successful brand strategies leading to double-digit growth with globally recognized clients (both at local and regional level) such as Danone, Carlsberg, Efes, Coca-Cola, Ikea, Sanofi, Visa and, many others.

I’ve lived in different countries: Italy, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Armenia, and Turkey; and I've led marketing projects in more than twenty countries across multiple industries (FMCG, pharma, banks, cosmetics, sports, retail, etc.). My focus has always been on understanding people’s behavior and finding insights on which to base a human-centric marketing strategy that drives exponential growth.


The three types of work I do with my clients:

  • Human-centric marketing training with the different functions, i.e., Marketing, Sales, and  HR.

  • Human-centric marketing workshops to help brands achieve exponential growth by working side by side with the marketing team, and concentrating the work in a few weeks. I advise this kind of approach when the challenges and the objectives are very clear and the client already has a considerable amount of data about their consumers.

  • If the client is launching a new brand or feels that they haven't enough information about their consumers then I recommend doing a full human-centric exponential marketing project that requires access to Big Data. We (a) create a human-centric segmentation to (b) find the most aspirational target for the influencing model thus (c) creating more a meaningful, deliverable, and defendable brand positioning, before (d) briefing the creative agencies to come up with more engaging executions.

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