• Matteo Rinaldi

How Will Santa Deliver Gifts This Year?

Written by Matteo Rinaldi & Kevin Farrick

Online and mobile shopping habits have changed the way we purchase our gifts during the holiday season. The way consumers research products, whether they go to the stores or simply rely on delivery, the experiences they expect through different channels and their loyalty to brands are all in transition. It is necessary to understand the developing shopping trends and consumer behaviours as they raise interesting questions for the marketer and the business alike.


It is no secret that online and mobile shopping has continued to post record numbers, seemingly breaking new barriers every holiday season. There are many benefits to the consumer of shopping digitally including the efficiency and ease, the ability to see product reviews and shopper opinions, easy delivery and the opportunity to shop from any place at any time. This has introduced a new challenge to businesses to increasingly have to meet their consumers in the digital world. It has also provided new opportunities to engage with consumers in ways that were not previously possible.


Retailers are reacting to the digital transformation by attempting to add more value to the shopping experience. What is provided to the consumer in this instance is a full experience, complete with sights, smells, sounds, lights, decorations, and so on. More than actual stores, sometimes the shopper feels that he is in a theatre where “products are the actors and the shelf is the stage”. On the other hand, the store still represents “the moment of truth” where potential buyers can interact with the brand: picking up the product, touching it, seeing it and asking opinions to the clerks that are always becoming more and more ambassadors of the brand rather than just sales people.

Successful business attempt to create a synergy between their in-store presence and their digital platforms that all focus on maximizing the shopper experience by interacting at multiple touch-points.


Can the digital shopping experience ever fully replace the tactile sensations, experiences and joys of the physical shopping experience?

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