• Matteo Rinaldi

5 Takeaways From My Interview For 'The Brand Age' Magazine

  1. It is not necessary to fight with every criticism towards our country and government; sometimes you just need to be ironic and make fun about it.

  2. Before thinking about how to increase the perception of the Turkish brands, let’s first think on how we can increase the perception of Turkey as a brand. Just like in the FMCG industry we have to understand who the target audience is, and consequently create an experience that can engage with them emotionally to the point of making citizens and tourists real country ambassadors who promote the values and lifestyle of the country.

  3. Turkish brands in order to be successful they have to understand the society’s evolution. Nowadays Turkey is a very much polarized country, there are people that are very pro US and EU and others that are more pro Turkey and more traditional. We, as marketers do not need to judge. We just need to be aware of the situation and decide on which group of people we want to focus on without trying to be appealing for everyone

  4. If there are people that hate your brand, it is a good thing, because it means that there are also people who love it. The real problem is when people are indifferent towards your brand and/or communication.

  5. People buy for emotional reasons and then they tend to justify their purchase decisions using their rationalities. Even in the Finance sector, where all the players are competing on a functional level (price, interest rate, efficiency etc.), companies should try to move from selling services to provide a unique emotional experience for their customers. 

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