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5 Human-Centric Marketing Tips For A Successful 2019

Many companies mistakenly describe their target group with broad demographic parameters such as ‘stay at home moms’ or ‘urban young adults’. People are more than a demographic and they are more than just customers - they are humans, and as such they differ quite widely across many lifestyle factors. How then do marketers and businesses ensure that they develop deep insight on specific groups of customers while at the same communicating to the majority of the population? 

Marketers need to develop insights that are deep enough to connect with target customers, but at the same time communicates a message that resonates with a majority of the population.

TIP 1: Focus on the "Aspirational" Portrait

There are always persons within societies and groups that are leaders, trendsetters or innovators. These are usually the persons that others aspire to.

Marketers will find it both efficient and effective to engage with these ‘aspirational’ people as their primary target. When a business communicates effectively with the innovators and trendsetters, that message also resonates strongly with other segments of the population that aspire to be the same, or at least relative to that area of their life your product relates to.

TIP 2: Every human has tension points, discover them

Each potential consumer has needs, wants, and aspirations and it is from these that “tension points” which are related to the products and services can be discovered. These “tension points” can take many forms and they often manifest as fears or unmet desires.

Meeting these fears and unmet desires can and should be addressed with targeted communication that can make the difference between a powerful or mediocre marketing strategy. It is our job as marketers to discover the most important points of tension linked to the needs and wants of our target consumers and build strategies around the most efficient way of releasing them.

TIP 3: Human beings are not one dimensional – so why market to them like they are?

Many brands market to their target consumers in a one-dimensional manner. They have found what they believe to be a perfect solution (tension point and release) and will use it until the brand communication becomes boring to the target segment. Human beings are multi-dimensional, and accordingly, they have multiple tension points that relate to those different tension areas in their lives. The best way to keep a brand refreshing is to communicate an overarching message that contains different points of appeal that you can leverage based on factors such as day part or usage occasion or based on other external factors that maybe affecting the overall market. An effective message should also speak to different level of product benefits, ranging from rationally differentiated product attributes to more emotionally engaging benefits. The key is to also include within the message different emotional benefits that resonate with the customer.  

TIP 4: Focus on how your brand makes consumers FEEL

Always remember the marketing maxim that ‘people buy for emotional reasons and look for rational reasons to support that emotional decision’. People don’t engage with Volvo because they want a safe car. Balancer parents engage because of their tension point about being a good parent and the safety aspects of Volvo support that emotional experience Volvo leverages. We need to create unique emotional experiences that allows our consumers to relate with us on a more personal level. When we can consistently deliver that ‘crucial emotional experience’, our targets become our brand ambassadors, driving customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

TIP 5: Never lose sight of the bottom line

At the end of the day, what is the purpose of marketing without an impact on the bottom line? The key to the human-centric approach to marketing is the integration of in-depth customer insights with a human targeted marketing strategy that drives exponential growth.

When we focus on customers as human beings that lead interesting and complicated lives with ambitions, needs, wants and anxieties, we can more effectively communicate with them, provide a better service, and drive our business to new heights.

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